• Wolfgang Hoeschele posted an update 9 years, 9 months ago

    Like Helene Finidori, I am working on launching the commonabundance.net site. My questions may repeat part of what she asked; I hope that’s okay. My questions right now are focused on the wiki.

    1. I think Helene already asked this: how can you make the wiki generate a table of contents based on the headings that one has designated? This is essential to the successful functioning of the wiki, because it will have a lot of long pages around which one can most easily navigate if such a table of contents is there.
    2. How does one best post pictures onto the wiki?
    3. Is there some page somewhere which provides instructions for users how to add contant, and which we could link from the site, so that people with questions like 2 above would get quick answers? I did not find the ? button very useful in this regard.