• delete posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago

    I’m sorry guys, but you have no idea how many developers I have gone through for years. to just find someone to create a website for me that does what commons in a box does. NOBODY has heard of it, and the developers I talk to want to create thier own. I just want COB installed, and you would think someone on this list would know someone who needs the business.

    But it appears I am not advertising what I want properly? Hells bells, I just want someone to build me a site using this as a template. What more shoiuld I have to explain to a knowledgable developer. I don’t know enough to tell them what I need, other than “Can you buildme a website using COB?”

    So again, if COB’s own website has no one interested in making money in working with this product, then how can I not consider it dead? Other formats, from Joombla and Duke Nukem and FudForum have tons of people willing to build those, but no body here seems to know anyone willin to do it.

    Why? what is the purpose of this website? I don’t know I”m jsut a dumb layperson